Our mission is to increase the operational efficiency of aviation businesses and their passengers

Effective communication is crucial for the smooth running of an airline’s air and ground traffic operations. Increasingly complex flight timetables and pressures regarding costs require stabilization and optimization of communication channels. This is where our solutions come in.
In order to deal with the issue of stranded passengers and the subsequent complex procedures involved, we have developed our Stranded Passenger Solution (SPS), which provides the required service in a professional and cost-effective manner. SPS ensures quick and simple access to the respective external service providers available at that time. SPS follows the one-platform strategy: Improve communication between airline, airport partners and hotels on a common platform

Central Ground Communication

Related to the corresponding flight number, our telephone routing platformen ables a better, simplified and clear communication between all involved parties of a flight. This automation increases responsiveness and efficiency, resulting in higher punctuality and quality.

Standard Passenger Solution

Reduces the pressure on passengers and the local service manager. Should a journey be interrupted unexpectedly, SPS offers passengers the possibility of selecting services such as transportation, accommodation, or restaurants via text, smartphone apps, or terminal devices.

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