Customized software, tailored to your needs

Our strength is the fusion of technical, methodical and social competence. On this basis, we design and develop innovative solutions that we implement for you in the shortest possible time. We rely on current and proven technologies such as Java, WebSphere, Lotus Domino and .Net/ASP.

For many years we have been developing business applications based on established Java technologies such as Java EE, Eclipse and .Net/ASP. The mature technologies allow the implementation of business-critical applications and especially take into account scalability and easy deployment in the enterprise.

Newly added are requirements from the areas of digitalization and BigData. With our software solution from the area of BigData, data from already existing data sources (e.g. FIBU, ERP, e-mail, CRM, DMS, …) is taken over and merged into a single web application.
The result is a command center with comprehensive options for viewing, monitoring and controlling operational processes. All relevant data can be retrieved and processed on the move – important processes and procedures linked to the information (recording, checking, releasing, evaluating, planning, etc.) are automated, optimized and standardized by us.